Statistical consulting

My main area of interest and expertise lies in spatial statistics, mainly in methodologies for spatial point pattern data (see some examples below). For data analysis, collaborations, brain-storming or just an obligation-free chat on the latter topics, feel free to contact me directly by .

Top left: Laryngeal cancer cases (black crosses) in the vicinity of an industrial incinerator (blue mark).
Top right: Epicentres of earthquakes in New Zealand from January 2000 to May 2011. The size of the circles corresponds to the magnitude of the earthquakes.
Bottom left: Two types of neurons in the retina of a rabbit. Empty circles are excited by an increase of illumination; filled circles by a decrease.
Bottom right: Two slices through the universe based on the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey data. Each blue point gives the right ascension and distance of a galaxy.

Source: Galaxy picture from the official 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey Site. Other pictures plotted with R using the package spatstat and the package collection SSLib (NZ earthquakes).