Prof. Dr. Dominic Schuhmacher
Institut für Mathematische Stochastik
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Goldschmidtstraße 7
D-37077 Göttingen

Room 4.107
Phone: +49 551 39 172107

Associate editors of Elsevier journals please note: As a result of the suspended negotiation between German research institutions (Project DEAL) and Elsevier, see here, I currently do not have free access to recent Elsevier publications anymore. In response I have suspended the reviewing service I have been offering Elsevier free of charge for many years now. I accept future reviews for Elsevier journals only if a suitable remuneration is offered, such as a personal temporary access to Elsevier journals of 6 months or more, or under exceptional circumstances.

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Current PhD students

  • Henning Höllwarth, Dipl. Math.
    Topic: Regularized Rao-Blackwellization with Applications to Gibbs Point Process Statistics
  • Raoul Müller, M.Sc.
    Topic: Localization Problems for Point Processes (joint supervision with Prof. A. Schöbel)
  • Johannes Wieditz, M.Sc.
    Topic: Minutiae distribution in Fingerprints (joint supervision with Prof. S. Huckemann)
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Research interests

  • Theory of point processes and spatial stochastic processes
  • Statistics for point processes
  • Computational stochastics
  • Stein's method for distributional approximation
  • Probability metrics and metrics between spatial point patterns
  • Computational methods for optimal transport

Papers and preprints 2020